My first JB-JL upgrade is on 2013

After a year and a half of joy driving stock JB-JL engine, my hunger towards more power clouding me at that time. Moreover with KEI ATTACK Fun trackday V2 is approaching that time. My first upgrade can be considered only as minor changes or in another words incomplete first stage upgrade. The installation has been done at "Gspeed Racing" in Ipoh, Perak (where my hometown is) because of the price quote and friendly owner. The parts I purchased are mostly in Selangor.   

List of part:-

1.Turbo TD025 – from Mitsubishi 6A13 engine   
2.Works fuel regulator stage 1 
3. FMIC knock off 
4. Denso iridium ik22 spark plug  
5. Bearing type absorber mount   
6. Blitz SS BOV  

What did I said earlier? Incomplete first stage upgrade right. So that’s all for my KEI ATTACK Fun trackday V2 upgrade that took place on 12 April 2014 if I’m not mistaken. 


There are things that I do it myself such as my green rocker cover that I dissembled, cleaned and sprayed before attached new rocker cover gasket to install the rocker cover back.     

That’s all for this blog post, this spec and setup is still not my current spec and setup. I’ll try to catch up so I can write the blog post in the present tense and not past tense...LOL

Here is short amature video recorded while im doing my laps on KEI ATTACK Fun trackday V2:-

*P/s you can find Gspeed Racing via facebook by typing "Gspeed Racing" in facebook search
*P/s this blog post is for me to document all that I’ve done to my car. If you like, thank you. If not, nevermind



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