Perodua Kancil chasis with L6 JB-JL heart

Started using it back in 2005 because it is actually my mum car from 2000 - 2005. It comes with ED-10(carb and 847cc) and a very low mileage in 2005 which is below 40,000km. I use it mostly for my long distance travel from Ipoh – Melaka and vice versa.

Long story short, now this car heart already changed from ED-10 to JB-JL from Daihatsu Move L6. It’s been almost 4 years now since the transplant.
Daihatsu Move L6 in japan

JB-JL engine spec:-
1.       Capacity = 659cc
2.       Valve = 16
3.       Power/rpm = 64ps/7500
4.       Torque/rpm = 102Nm/4000
5.       Drivetrain = 2WD
6.       Aspiration = turbo
7.       Camshaft = DOHC
8.       Engine type = EFI
9.       Cylinders = 4
*list spec taken from internet before my transplant decision made.

showing my old engine(before) and my current engine just after the transplant(after)

 On the upcoming post, I'll reveal my current spec. Thanks


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