Grounding cables for car and it purposes

Grounding plays an important role for every car because car chassis is grounding or we can say it characteristic to negative terminal. For some newer car, manufacturers already include basic grounding cables for their car. In addition to that, newer car also have better electrical current flow than the older cars because of their new set of wiring and decent grounding. So, it’s important for me to add some better quality grounding cables for my car. Besides, my car already shows some weak current flow systems symptoms which are low brightness headlight, hard jerking when air-condition compressor kick in and etc.  

As we are all knows, my car Perodua Kancil 850cc already did engine transplant which is, it has no any ground cable for negative charge to flow back to the battery.

Nowadays, there are so many brands for grounding cables from imitation, original and customs. There are also many colors for customers to choose to suit customer desire to match their engine bay color. The best bang for buck is of course original grounding cables where you can feel a lot of difference after install it to your car. Imitation grounding cables usually use cheap cables or unsuitable cables for grounding, so you can’t feel any difference at all trust me. I opt for customs grounding cables because of the person who selling it have a lot of good feedbacks in social media and it also from my friend suggestion. Its 100% copper made cable and it girth is 50mm (big man).

Grounding cables after effect claims:-

  1. Stabilized electric currents – this is what I’m looking for
  2. Lesser jerking when air-conditioning compressor kick in – this also what I’m trying to achieve
  3. Fast throttle response
  4. More smooth gear changing (this is for automatic transmission car)
  5. Increase in torque and HP
  6. Reduce in fuel consumption
  7. Better audio quality 
  8. Less in car vibration in idle (while you stop for red traffic light)

Above is what grounding cables can do or at least what is their (brands) claimed. So, it’s important for you to choose well-known brand such as Pivot, HKS, Hot Inazma and etc. 
example of Pivot Grounding cable

Ok, here I want to share some of my car grounding points. As told earlier I’m using custom made grounding cables.
my grounding setup - 6 point ground
   1. From battery negative terminal to alternator

2. From battery negative terminal to firewall

3. From battery negative terminal to cylinder head

4. From battery negative terminal to body earth

5. From battery negative terminal to gearbox housing - sorry no picture
6. From battery negative terminal to throttle body - sorry no picture

All in total of six, maybe thats why they called it six point grounding.

First I will tell the drawback; the cables a bit bulky for my cute Perodua Kancil but lucky enough manage to keep it nice and tidy. Here comes the positive effect - From what I can feel and saw after the installation, my volt meter shows more stable voltage. No more up and down in a big margin. My low brightness headlight and jerking while on air-conditioner problems also vanished, purpose achieved. Big thumb up!! 

Next, Im looking for tidying up my engine bay wiring or in the Google search friendly words "Engine bay wire tuck" 


11 Responses to "Grounding cables for car and it purposes"

  1. If using 5 grounding? N which one most important

    1. you can leave out from battery to firewall

  2. Excellent article once again. The problems you mentioned are on my car too, hopefully this problem will be corrected after proper earthing. Like you say they can be bulky to fit especially at the terminal as its closer to the Bonnet/Hood surface.
    Keep up the good work :-)

  3. If using 4 grounding? N which one most important?

    1. It is subjective as far as i know..if u ask me..ill start with starter, engine valve cover, alternator

  4. opine from alternator cable shud go to battery positive terminal. pls correct me if i am wrong

    1. I believed if from alternator go to battery positive terminal is for "power alternator charger cable" not grounding cable

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