My currently running upgrade on JB-JL

Its time to update my post to my current upgrade on my car.

Kei Attack Track day V3 took place on 1st November, my upgrades are solely for this event. This upgrade process done by three difference workshop. Why I’m not doing this upgrade at Gspeed racing Ipoh? It’s because of I’m too busy to have a time to going back to my hometown. This time around the installations are done by MiG Autogarage and Turbodottcom and some parts I do it myself (DIY). Tuning and troubleshooting just before the event by DT Tuner.

Like before, all the needed parts and items for upgrade I bought it first myself at various sellers and not from above mentioned workshops. It’s because my JB-JL performance recipe is from myself after doing some reading and observation. I want my car running on my own touch doesn’t matter if it’s slow as long as it’s from my own intel.

The parts and items:-
1.    Turbo TF035 or TD04-09  – modded compressor side
2.    Injector Vios
3.    AVS 255LPH fuel pump
4.    E-manage blue – second hand from Japan
5.    Manual boost controller Turbosmart knockoff
6.    Knockoff Greddy FV blowoff

Firstly, I took my car to MiG Autogarage for my turbo and fuel pump upgrade. Since my brand new Wira 1.6 fuel pump got problems at that time, so only turbo upgrade took place at MiG Autogarage. The broken fuel pump then I replaced it with AVS.

The next upgrade took place at Turbodottcom where they install injector, fuel pump and engine management system. This is where my regrets on buying the injectors come. The injectors squirt too much fuel for my engine to handle. Luckily enough I have e-manage to control the injector’s fuel delivery. However, the injectors O-ring keep torn after 1 another. Even after sent it back to the workshop to fix, it’s still happen after 1 day of fixing it. So, I do it myself by removing all of the injectors and buy new O-ring from spare part shop then install it according to Scotty Kilmer video on Youtube and surprisingly it never leak ever since. 

this shows my injector O-ring failure(it happen a lot actualy about over ten times) 

At DT Tuner, all I did is engine tuning and troubleshoot on why the boost can’t go up over 1.2bar. The culprit behind the boost can’t go up is my turbo actuator is failing and that time we have no time to source for other actuator. So, I’m only running 1.2bar at the event and up until now. 1.2bar is more than enough for daily drive. Maybe I’ll fix it before another track event. My desired boost for my car is 1.5bar on track and 1bar on the road.

wideband tuning only at DT Tuner

Here is my car at Kei Attack fun track day V3 video recorded using lap 2 my knockoff blowoff literaly BLOW! it screw and failing.
Stay tuned for next maintenance and handling improvement for this little car!! 


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