My Works Engineering adjustable fuel pressure regulator problem

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator:-
When the injectors and fuel pump are upgraded to a larger flow setup the stock fuel pressure regulator will not be enough to suit the required pressures for the new setup. Also the stock is already preset to from factory for the standard setup and non-adjustable so it will be restricting the tuning potential of the car. Fuel Pressure Regulator will ensure stable pressures are supplied with the oversized diaphragm. This special design has proven to maintain the required pressure levels with any adjustments made. 
diagram of car fuel system with afpr

internal of adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Problems that I’m facing with my Works Engineering adjustable fuel pressure regulator:-
My afpr adjustment nut already loose and I can’t set the fuel pressure to my desired pressure. The pressure maintain at 4.7kg/cm2 even after I adjust the nut to low or high pressure. 4.7kg/cm2 is too high for my car and maybe currently my car fuel system is running rich. I’ve been using this afpr for less than a year and it’s already starting to fail on me.
while the car in idle

The time that I bought this afpr, the seller said that Works Engineering offers a lifetime warranty for their afpr. So, hopefully later when I bring this afpr to their showroom location at Bandar Sunway, I manage to get this afpr fix or replace without me paying any cents. As for now, I’ll just need to find the time to remove the afpr from my car. currently, Im too lazy. haha


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