Happy New Year 2015!! Sad news with new project

The start of 2015, I received the bad news from workshop about my car. On 31 December 2014, I send my car to broadening the fuel return line because of my adjustable fuel regulator post before. My foreman said that it’s not because of adjustable fuel regulator problem, but it is because fuel return line is too small. 

To get the sad news started, on 1 January 2015, I received texts from my foreman that the car is ready to pick up but with slightly problem.  Without hesitation and thought, I straight away go to the workshop. 

This is what happens:-

rod number 3 broken into pieces
close view


On that very own night I ask him to lift my engine off my engine bay with my little help in a hoping of only 1 conrod and block are broken not the piston and crankshaft because my foreman said that he has jbjl engine block complete in store but the crankshaft is broken. But sadly   
piston + conrod + engine oil

new project coming - JBDET

That’s all, 2015 will be my car new setup new engine. That means this blog will have more post to cover the story of my engine transplant, mod and etc. I’ll be personally helping my foreman in the process of transpant the new engine because of I’m too cheap to pay for high labor charges. 


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  1. This is quite sad, as you lost a pretty critical engine component. Still, don’t lose hope: the beauty of car ownership is that whenever something fails, you can have it replaced when needed. Hope your car is doing well as of the moment, and I’m looking forward for an update!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai