Kancil engine bay wire tuck

In this entry, I’m not going to write a lot. Let’s the picture do the talking
opps!! wrong engine bay, I wish my engine bay as clean as this

actual picture :-
from the side
center view angle
zoom in a little bit - notice there is no fusebox(relocate it inside the car)

Okay! That all, I know my engine bay look dirty with dust and etc. Im too excited to post this entry dont have time to clean my engine bay before snap the pic. Do appreciate the wire tucking work even my engine bay full of dirt and dust.

All of wire tucking work I do at West side garage if I’m not mistaken (don’t really know the name because I deal the work done with owner name Hafiz). Before I decided to send my car to his workshop, I’ve been asking around a lot of other workshop that do wire tuck for price and none of other workshops offer the price like Hafiz very cheap and fast. Seriously!! 

If any of you interested, you can contact me via email, I’ll reply with hafiz ppc contact number. His workshop not specialize in keicar actually, ppc also stand for Premium Perdana Club if I’m not mistaken. But all the fabrication of intercooler pipe, air conditioner pipe, wiring, spray engine bay and etc. he can do almost with all cars with very competitive price.

Still not satisfied with my intercooler pipe and battery location, later I’ll send my car to him to fabrication smaller and tig welded intercooler pipe and relocate my battery to my bonnet/boot behind.


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