Kancil ED-DE to JB-JL to JB-DET

It’s been long time I’m not updating my blog, it’s not because I’m lazy. I have 2 very solid reasons.

  1. I’ve been involved in car accident as a passenger on 11/1/2015 that cause my right humerus bone fracture into pieces and in needs of surgery to install 7 inches plate.
  2. Since up until now I’m eating using left hand, so I can’t do much with my car. There is only a little progress.

Picture update of my Kancil progress to transplant JB-DET engine from Daihatsu Move l902s which is produce same power as my previous JB-JL engine except the torque on JB-DET come earlier.

I’m still using the same gearbox and steering rack from my previous l6 JB-JL engine. The turbo which is MHI TF035, taken from my previous setup is transfer to my new engine. 

The work left to be done:-

  1. Fabricate air-conditioner pipe
  2. Engine wiring
  3. Install fuel regulator
  4. wired my e-manage blue
  5. minor service such as change engine oil, oil filter, gearbox oil and etc
  6. Get it dyno tune for 1.7bar of boost

While I’m rehabilitation to recover from my injury, I’ve been online shopped a lot of car accessories and parts for my Kancil in preparation for SNF international 2015 kei car road spec category. So, in my next post hopefully all 6 works that need to be done are settle by early of March, I’ll bring you all to my car journey to become semi-race prep car(why semi-race prep? because the car will still have air-conditioner and radio with a lot of addition to be legally and safe on tracks). Can’t wait for my next upgrades and can’t wait for my right hand to be 100% functioning back.


6 Responses to "Kancil ED-DE to JB-JL to JB-DET"

  1. Sorry to read of your accident, hope recovery is going well.

    1. Recovery is going well for me as it's been a year past..but for my car, it still in the process of recovery..

  2. Hi there brother. How are you? Hope you making progresa on ur health.

  3. Hye there. I'm using same engine as you. Just transplant 2week ago. I want to ask a little thing about this engine. Which 1 is better the l6 or l9. Tq

  4. cant really answer to your question because every engine have their pros and cons. in term of newer or old, l6(jb-jl) older than l9(jb-det). because jb-det is a revised version of daihatsu 4cyl engine. tq