Ultra Racing bars for kancil - road to semi-race car prep

In today post I’m going to explain functions of 3 types of Ultra Racing bars that I’m going to install on my Kancil to improve safety aspect & comfort and improve handling stability. Beside these 3 bars that I’m going to install, I’m also going to install custom 6 point bolt on roll cage.

First and foremost, Ultra Racing 2 point strut bar

A strut bar is designed to reduce strut tower flex by tying two parallel strut towers together. This transmits the load of each strut tower during cornering via tension and compression of the strut bar which shares the load between both towers and reduces chassis flex.

What we gain in term of handling performance:-

  • Improved chassis rigidity
  • May improved steering precision under high load conditions
  • Understeer can be reduced                                                                                                     


The second 1 that I’m going to install, Ultra Racing rear anti-roll bar

Anti-roll bar provides 2 main functions. The first is the reduction of body lean. The reduction of body lean is dependent on the total roll stiffness of the vehicle. Increasing the total roll stiffness of a vehicle does not change the steady state total load (weight) transfer from the inside wheels to the outside wheels, it only reduces body lean. The total lateral load transfer is determined by the CG height and track width.

The other function of anti-roll bars is to tune the high g / limit understeer behavior of the vehicle. The limit understeer behavior is tuned by changing the proportion of the total roll stiffness that comes from the front and rear axles. Increasing the proportion of roll stiffness at the front will increase the proportion of the total weight transfer that the front axle reacts and decrease the proportion that the rear axle reacts. This will cause the outer front wheel to run at a higher slip angle, and the outer rear wheel to run at a lower slip angle, which is an understeer effect. Increasing the proportion of roll stiffness at the rear axle will have the opposite effect and decrease understeer.

The last for the 3 bars that I’m going to install is Ultra Racing 3 point fender bar

Ultra Racing 3-Point Fender Bars is to strengthen and reinforce fender essential areas of your car and help maintain the suspension in position from all kind of vertical loads. As matter of fact, fender bar come as a standard feature on most of performance cars.

Advantage of fender bar:-

  • Improve handling and stability at high speed and cornering
  • Provide better braking and stopping
  • Reduce noise, vibration and harshness
  • Increase car front chassis stiffness




That all for all of the 3 bars functions that I know from reading Ultra Racing website itself and reading from the other car forums.

Here is what I’m expecting after installing these 3 bars (at least it’s what Ultra Racing claimed):-

  •  Improve Car Stability at least 40% & above
  •  Reduce Understeer
  •  Improve Braking Performance
  •  Reduce Body Roll
  •  Improve Sharp Cornering
  •  Improve Safety Aspect & Comfort
  •  Improve Handling Stability 
That all for this bar and bracing plan for my Kancil. I'll install it and experience it myself then after that I can make product reviews of these 3 bars later. thank you!!


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  1. Hi, do you know anyone who make rear brace for L502? Thank you :-)

  2. Hi, from what i know..unfortunately we can knly source for secondhand brace from Japan at halfcut place

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