My friend kelisa with k3-vet engine

Hi, since I dont have any positive update about my car progress but I still feel want to write a blog, so here is an info about another kei car in Malaysia which is Perodua Kelisa. The engine has been swapped to 1300cc turbo from Daihatsu YRV. This car belong to my friend and me as a technical advisor(penghasut), you will get the picture as why I'm as his technical director.
Picture above shows the car while in process of completing the engine transplant or swap. The installation done at Gspeed Racing and it took about 4 month to finish because it's the first k3-vet engine installation that the main foreman at Gspeed Racing ever encounter. What make he want to plonk k3-vet engine on? The answer is me!(reason number 1 for I'm as technical advisor)

Picture below shows the engine nicely fit after all the installation is finish

After I do my car engine wire tucking click here(reason number 2), I showed my not so clean and nice engine bay to him. He got so tempted to do one with additional package of whole engine grooming that includes wire tucking, hide air-conditioner pipe, change battery location, front mounted intercooler and spray painted all in the engine bay that can be paint.

while on 80% of progress

left with connecting the battery

The End Product!

It's time for this car specs and what mod has he done:-
  1. Stock internal engine with automatic transmission
  2. Stock turbo
  3. Open pod filter
  4. Dsport 68 degree thermostat
  5. knock off alloy radiator
  6. boost up to 0.8bar tune with greddy e-manage blue installed(reason number 3)
  7. 14 inch tires
    • On the road - Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 165/55/R14(reason number 4)
    • On track - Achilles ATR-K Sport 165/55/R14(reason number 5)
This car in race CCT event category auto transmission - managed to grab 2nd position  podium
This car in race CCT event category below 1600cc turbo - managed to grab 2nd position podium also 
OK~ that's all for my post today. Hopefully my next blog post will be about positive progress of my car, finger crossed!. 


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