Perodua Kancil JB-JL engine to JB-DET manual transmission engine progress

The time is come for me to reveal my Perodua Kancil progress of transformation from JB-JL engine to JB-DET engine. First of all, all the work done by me and my friend supervised and guided by chief foremen of Gspeed Racing. For the past few days, my friend and I has been come to the workshop to prepare my little car for an event on May 16th which is SNF Enduro challenge at North track of Sepang International Circuit. Hope that we can crank the engine up before end of this month, because there are a lot of things to do before my car eligible for track and not to mention prepare it to be able to give some challenge to other competitors.

Back to the main topic, the progress of my car engine transplant is 60%. The new Adjustable fuel pressure regulator already installed in engine bay with the new fuel hoses and hose clips.
my adjustable fuel pressure regulator location

The rocker cover has been taken off for painting. Before the rocker cover go to the painting process, it need to be clean from any oil dirt and sludge. Here is the picture of before and after:- 
JB-DET rocker cover
Since the rocker cover has been removed, the rocker cover gasket also needs to be replaced. I already order a new set of rocker cover gasket for JB-DET. Waiting for the item arrive at my door step.

Engine wiring also has been done about 50% of it. Still need to customize wiring for my air-conditioner panel switch, wiper switch, and etc. Wire harness that already been done are my ECU, wire to starter and alternator. Head lamp, signal lamp and fuel pump wires also has been connected and tested. A little set back is wires connector that connect between column switch Daihatsu l9(bought from somewhere) and engine wires loom are both same gender which is male. Thus, we cut the connector and connect the wires by matching the wire colors.
BOOM! same gender connectors

Progress collage for free....hehe
battery and fuse box relocation

Still to come:-
  1. Finishing up all the necessary harnesses
  2. Installing my old head unit
  3. Installing my newly bought kill switch
  4. Fabricate battery holder
  5. Put back on my old  radiator and intercooler pipe


5 Responses to "Perodua Kancil JB-JL engine to JB-DET manual transmission engine progress"

  1. Salam,

    sye bru pkai enjin JBDET ni. Skrg ni pkai column switch dgan meter L9. boleh ke sye pkai column switch L5 dan meter merah L5 JBJL? Kalau boleh, bnyak dan susah ke proses nk wiring?

    Terima Kasih

    1. Salam,

      boleh and mmg kene wiring balik..nk cantik just amik pkai wiring dalam JBJL. skang sy pkai wiring enjin JBDET, wiring dalam JBJL kacuk skit untuk OBD 2 socket

    2. nak update blog for latest update psl kete still xjumpe mase n ilham lg..hehe..

  2. Ade wiring diagram x? Penat search kat google x jumpa2. Haha

  3. Hi I just swap JB-DET and need ECU pinouts details please share or email if you have