Perodua Kancil with Daihatsu L902 JB-DET engine - update

By now, my chance to join SNF Racing round 3(enduro) is slim because as today May 4th 2015, my car still have a lot to do. Let's just keep this post about my car progress to continue my last post about this conversion project.

As I mention in previous post, I've been waiting for new rocker cover gasket to arrive to be able to continue my project. The rocker cover gasket has arrived and my rocker cover also has been painted to my desired color which is purple.
JB-DET rocker cover painted!
Cheapo Taiwan made JB-DET rocker cover gasket

Because of budget constraint, I only bought cheap new rocker cover gasket made in Taiwan even the packaging has no label or what so ever. Surprisingly it fits nicely and before tightens the rocker cover nuts; I put a thin layer of silicone gasket maker just to make sure no oil will leak later. 

The coil plugs are on

We changed the engine oil with a new Shell HX5 SAE 10W30 mineral type and the gearbox oil also with a new Pennzoil SAE 85W90 GL-5, after that we reconnect the exhaust, installed back the intercooler and lastly we fill the radiator with a tap water. 
Ready for first test crank

Ops~..almost forgot to mention, we need to bypass the wire to make the ECU thought that the car is either in 'P' or 'N' position before we can crank it up. Because this JB-DET engine comes with automatic transmission gearbox but I'm not using the gearbox from JB-DET engine, I used back my manual transmission gearbox from my previous JB-JL setup.
Automatic Gearbox connector from ECU. This bypass setup should do for a test crank

15 second video of me test drove the car.

Still a lot of work to do before I can start boosting again:-
1. Installing my headlamp - my pair of headlamp missing in the workshop(still need to find before we can intall it)
2. Air-conditioner panel re-wiring
3. Fabricating air-conditioner pipe
4. Another 40% of back wiring need to be done(brake light, back wiper, back window defrost, fuel level sensor and etc)
5. Installing my head unit
6. Tracing emergency light wire(still dont know which one)
7. Installing E-manage blue
9. Engine tuning


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  1. bro...rocker cover gasket brapa RM , beli kat mana?

    1. sorry lambat bro..lame xonline..beli kt kp gasket jalan ipoh, KL bro..ade rm40 local yg ori lupe dh