Perodua Kancil with Daihatsu L902 JB-DET engine project almost DONE!

My Perodua Kancil already look like its road legal back with head lamp functioning well even though the lights a little bit dim and the signal lamp work well, reverse lights and brake lights also functioning well.

The reason behind we only settle the external part first such as getting the head lamp, signal lamp, reverse lamp, and brake lamp is because I'm planning to bring the car to other workshop which is DT Tuner(already mention about this workshop in my previous post) in the other state to finish up below check list:- 
  1. Solve the check engine light problem
  2. Fabricate new battery holder
  3. Solve the headlight dim issue
  4. Fit Daihatsu L9 meter cluster into Daihatsu L5 dashboard nicely
  5. Install e-manage 
  6. Dyno tune 

The car already safely arrived at DT tuner about 3 days ago. So that means, the new engine already did about 200KM without any issues except the check engine light lights on all the way from my place to the workshop.  

As you can see the meter cluster is not fit nicely yet

Here are some pictures of what I did to this car before this car doing 200KM to DT Tuner.
vacuum block or vacuum manifold + electronic fuel pressure gauge installed

The inside of this car is still messy:- WARNING

Counting days for my car to settle the entire list of the check list above at DT Tuner, because after that, there is only fabrication on air-conditioner pipe left which mean back to Gspeed Racing workshop to continue our work on air-conditioner pipe.

Thats all so far. THANKS


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