car brake system maitenance tips

Since I dont have any update about my car because of the car is still in the workshop. I'll be sharing 7 tips to take care your car brake systems. This tips is what I've been implied to my cars.

1. Every month take your time to check your brake fluid level. The fluid must not exceed max level or below low level marks on the brake servo tank.
The one in the circle is the brake servo

2. Every six month or the time that you want to rotate your tires from front to back and back to front, check your brake pad thickness level whether it need to change or not.

3. If you saw any brake fluid leaking from any of your brake fluid lines, solve the issue as soon as possible because the leakage will get worst whenever you apply your brake. Why?? Applying your brake create tension on brake fluid line.

4. Make sure that you are using the correct manufacturer recommendation brake fluid spec. Usually; the brake fluid spec is shown at the brake fluid servo cap and car service or user manual.

5. Make sure that your brake rotor/disc has no deep scratch or crooked. This usually means that it's time for you to change your brake rotor/disc or grind your brake rotor/disc(not recommended).

6. When you change your brake pad, make sure you also change your brake fluid and clean the caliper components with brake cleaner. Why you need to clean the brake caliper?? To avoid your brake pad from jammed.

7. While you driving in downhill situation, rather than using your brake try using engine brake(low gear) to control your speed. This will prolong your brake pad lifespan.

Extra tips: If you like to drive aggressively or sometimes like to bring your car to the circuit for track day, change your OEM type brake pad to performance aftermarket brake pad such as project mu, brembo, lemburg, Ferodo, Bendix, and etc that are capable to handle high temperature operations. Also dont forget to change your brake fluid type to higher spec as for example DOT 5.1 brake fluid(make sure you change your rubber seal to tolerate higher DOT brake fluid). 

That's all...Thanks for reading!!




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  1. Bagusnye abam areawan ni.. well, please remove lemburg because the brake pad is sucks big time.. seriously.

  2. cari duit lebih abam farid..haha..tq for the tips

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