Perodua kancil changing new set of wheels and sport rims

It’s has been a long time since I update this blog. The chosen topic for this new post is how I change my Perodua Kancil sport rim.

First thing first let me explain about pitch circle diameter(PCD). This is due to my process of change new set of sport rim involve the need of changing Perodua Kancil original PCD to other PCD. 

Bolt circle

The bolt circle is the notional circle determined by the positions of the bolts. The center of every bolt lies on the circumference of the bolt circle. The important measurement is called pitch circle diameter or in short form PCD.

Usually in Malaysia PCD were expressed in millimeters (mm), and usually given with number of bolts. You can see from the rim spec like 4/100mm, meaning that the rim is suitable for 4 bolts and 100mm PCD wheel hub.

The most common PCD values in Malaysia is 100mm with 4 bolts = 4/100mm. Thus, my project to change PCD began.

Originally Perodua Kancil has 4/110mm PCD with limited choice of aftermarket sport rims. Then I decided to change the PCD to fit below sport rims.

After a year, I’ve decide to opt for old school sport rims with 114.3 PCD due to the fact that I want to fit 185/60/R13 semi slick racing tires. Thus, I bought two sets of rims as per below purposes and specs:-

Daily driven sport Rim
1.       Rays TE37 replica from Thailand
2.       14 inch
3.       Bronze color
4.       6JJ with 114.3 PCD
5.       Tires – 165/55/R14 Kumho PS31

Track used sport Rim
1.       Zona bridgestone from Japan
2.       13 inch
3.       White
4.       5 ½ with 114.3 PCD
5.       Tires – currently on AVON Motorsport UHP tires

Thats all for now. Thank you for reading. Should you have any question. You may shoot your questions at the comment below or email me directly. 


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