Perodua Kancil fitted with Perodua Kenari Air-conditioning system


It has been a while since I wrote a post in this blog. The car with the new heart had already been through a lot of modification since my last post. So today, Im going to post about Perodua Kancil jb-det engine with Perodua Kenari/Kelisa aircond system. What are the things that I bought to make this project success:-

Here are the list of the part for my current air-conditioning system:-

  1. Secondhand compressor from Perodua Kenari - RM100 
  2. Secondhand aircond condenser from Perodua Kelisa - forgot the price
  3. Secondhand aircond pipe from Daihatsu L902 - came together with my engines
  4. All aircond knobs and switches are from the original Daihatsu L500 itself  
  5.  Cooling coil from L500
Full completed aircond system job

There are some fabrication needed such as aircond pipe from Daihatsu L902 have to be modified to fit in my car. In addition to that, aircond condenser from Perodua Kelisa also had to undego some minor modification which is the condenser screw base must be the same with Perodua Kancil condenser screw base. Other than that, all plug and play.
The modified condenser fit nicely on Perodua Kancil
Fabricated aircond pipe using - alloy weld machine

The main reason why I want to opt for Perodua Kenari/Kelisa aircond system is because Perodua Kelisa/Kenari dryer filter is much smaller compared to L500 dryer filter. Which you can see as per picture below.

Bulky dryer filter from L500

Much thinner and well place dryer filter from Perodua Kelisa
The second reason why I change my aircond system is because aircond system from Perodua Kenari/Kelisa colder and efficient than aircond system from Perodua Kancil. This can be witness from the condenser size difference and also the compressor type.

Since the car aircond pipe need to be fabricated, I chose to have the pipe stealth in the engine bay. Thus, the engine bay look much tidy. A little bit explanation, the aircond pipe from cooling coil to compressor has been modified to sit lower at the firewall behind engine. The aircond pipe from condenser to cooling coil also has been modified to be mounted at the right side of engine bay wall.
The aircond pipe cant be seen in the engine bay. 
Pipe from condenser to cooling coil

So far, Im satisfied with this aircond setup. Below are what Im getting from it:-
  1. My engine bay look spacious, 
  2. The cold air much colder,
  3. My turbo inter cooler have a lot of space at the front of my engine due to much thinner dryer filter
- The job was done at MIG Autogarage, Selayang


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