Daihatsu Copen Liberty walk's customs

Liberty Walk is the crazy Japanese tuner obsessed with running a bandsaw through the arches of supercars represents the epitome of crazy tuning – you either love Liberty walk's work or loathe it. Prepare yourself then, for things to get a lot more crazy.

Kato-San and his crew have gone down a different route for this latest creation: grafting the face and rear of a Nissan GT-R onto a rarefied convertible kei car, the humble Daihatsu Copen.
Seemingly still obsessed with the addictive Face Swap app from a few years ago, it’s now made one of the craziest GT-R conversions to date. The FrankenCopen features Liberty Walk’s hallmarks: wide arches, ground-scraping ride height, and a paintjob that looks like you’ve accidentally mistaken it for a ready-meal and put it in the microwave.
There are no details on whether Liberty Walk has modified anything under the bonnet, but as per protocol, they’ll have a 660cc engine - a forced-induction three-pot mated to a CV transmission – to play with. Size-wise, we’re guessing it slightly bloats out the stringent Kei regs of 3,395mm long (145mm shorter than a VW Up) and 1,475mm wide. 
This car maybe can be see it at SEMA or the Tokyo motor show later on in the year. These modification look like it's already been sell in Japan for 383,400 Yen. 
New source from = https://www.topgear.com/car-news/weird/liberty-walks-craziest-car-yet and KKITP 


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