Perodua Kancil JB-DET in Kei Attack V4 event

The event was held on 23-September 2017. It has been 2 months past from this post. The last event that my car participate is Kei Attack V3 and you can find the post somewhere in this blog. Since Kei Attack V3 my can has been going through some rough patches which has been capture in this blog.

In this post I'll share the preparation that I made before the event and the details of my car spec in the event. This is due to my action camera broke and I cant record any of my track time while in the event.

Before the event, I've decided to up my boost setting from 0.7bar to 1.4bar. Thus, the preparation started. The things that I did are as per below:-

  1. Added boost controller - Works engineering
  2. Removing exhaust resonator - straight pipe from turbo to the tip of the exhaust
  3. Add a strut bar - Original from Japan Daihatsu Mira L2
  4. Dyno tuning - at TurboDottComm 

After all of the above setup that I made. The power came out of the car is not what I've expected to be. Which I cant reach my targeted boost setup 1.4bar due to some boost spike issue. Thus, we lowered the boost to only 1.0bar and decide just to join and have some fun.

The category that I joined is "660cc OTR spec". Where the category requirment are:-
  1. Must have functioned air-conditioning
  2. Have a valid road-tax
  3. Not-permitted to remove any parts
  4. Basically safe to drive on the road in what ever weather conditions
  5. Tyres treadwear must be above 180 - slicks or semi-slicks must joined Open category
My car spec on the event day :-
  1. Jb-det - standard internal with TF035 turbo
  2. Boost 1.0bar
  3. Straight pipe
  4. Fuel system -
    1. Standard injectors
    2. Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
  5. 165/55/R14 - Kumho PS31 set of tyres (400++ TW) - very not suitable/recommended for track used
On the first round of the qualifying race, the track condition is very wet due to the weather. I've manage to secured P3 on the first race even with slight hiccup which is my car under-steer badly and slam the stack of tyres outside of the track.
RIP car plate number and radiator 
 On the break before the second round and deciding round. I've to source for a replacement for the broken radiator. unfortunately, we're unable to find double layer radiator but we manage to get single layer radiator. 
The car just before the second race - with small radiator
 [Second round] Late start - got it covered on turns
On the second round, track condition is getting better but it's still damp on the track. However, I manage to adapt with the track condition. Starting from the last position and manage to chop 2 cars in front and finish 3rd place and get the P3 for "660cc OTR spec" category. Manage to have 3 laps with full throttle then the last 2 laps with controlled throttle due to temperature issue(single layer radiator for N/A car)

Video highlight for the event from Adrenaline Impact can be found above.Will surely join Kei Attack V5 with much proper setup.
From 5th to 4th position
Coming for 3rd position
In Action


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