US GReddy e-Manage Blue modified to JDM GReddy e-Manage Gold

I've come across a website while I'm browsing for GReddy e-Manage blue function. This site show on how to convert USA GReddy e-Manage Blue to JDM GReddy e-Manage Gold. I thought this information could be useful to some people. So, I will share it in this post.

There are only 2 "shorts" and 1 "jumper" that need to be made on the board to make it electronically identical to the JDM GReddy e-Manage Gold board.

Default Blue chip will look like below picture

You will need to short pin number 23-24 & 27-28 to make it look like Gold e-Manage chip.
The pin located at
Once you've done the above process. Your Blue chip will look like below picture.

The last step is jumper. Below is the picture of blue board that need to be put a jumper.

You will have to identify CN5-1 and CN5-2. Those are the circuit that need to be jumpe with a wire. Once you have identify the pins, you can put a jumper on that pin as per below picture.

And you're done. This process only need solder iron, and jumper. According to the post, the purpose of making above simple step are for you to be able to use Support Tool (1.2x) software and Gold firmware (1.4x).

These MODIFICATIONS are done at your OWN risk. I will not be held liable for any errors that you
make. These are merely suggestions if YOU want to have the “Gold” features on your “Blue” e-Manage. 


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